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Summer bodies are made in Winter

Every Winter we increase our carbohydrate intake during the Winter season. This could be a result of trying to find some form of comfort in order to boost energy levels and keep warm. During winter our bodies need to burn more fuel to conserve energy and heat. Instead of keeping the fire burning through good nutrition we opt out for food that is high in sugar and carbohydrate content. This quick energy spike is shorty lived and only leaves us feeling sluggish and tired. Definitely not in the mood to get moving. Another reason for this carbo loading is seasonal depression. When we increase our carbohydrate daily intake it can boost our serotonin levels. The “feel good” hormone. This unfortunately leads to winter weight gain. Sounds familiar?

Boost your metabolism and eliminate the winter gain with these wellness tips!

  • Open up windows in the morning and allow the winter sun and fresh air to lift your mood.
  • Start moving as soon as you awake. Great way to boost circulation and increase those ‘feel good’ hormones the healthy way.
  • Try Star jumps, bur-pees, push ups and skipping to you started
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Make sure that you start your day with a healthy breakfast. A bowl of oats with added nuts for extra protein with keep you fuller and energised for longer!
  • Try to spend at least 20-30 minutes outdoors during day. Lunch breaks are a great way to get some fresh air to give your mood another boost!
  • While watching your favorite series this winter, invite your bestie over and workout.By the time you have moved onto your next Season you will be leaned, toned and less likely to consume that bag of crisps/ slab of chocolate.
  • I recommend toning exercises at least 4-5 x week to get toned and firmer.
  • Remember to add some cardio to burn off that extra fat. During winter it’s cold and we are less likely to move about this slows down our metabolism. Keep the burn going with this fat burn cardio workout 5-6 x week and when Summer comes you will be ready!

    We have got you covered this Winter with lots of fun fat burning home workouts, step by step tutorials,motivation & healthy recipes!

Carla Smith

Hi there! I'm a fit mum who has been in the fitness industry for 11 years as a Personal Trainer, Corporate & Group Trainer, Fitness Editor, Fitness Model and WP Bikini Fitness Athlete. I'm here to assist you along your beautiful wellness journey towards a stronger, healthier and fitter YOU! You will find lots of healthy recipes, lifestyle articles, my favorite beauty reviews and fitness tutorials! Not to mention my favorite places to hang out & enjoy good food and the occasional cheat meal.

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