How to start your wellness journey this festive season
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How to start your wellness journey this festive season! – Part 1

The festive season is fast approaching and celebrations are on the way! Find out how to start your wellness journey this festive season!

It’s that time of the year where you want to look your best!

The event of the year office party or the many festive soirées.With all the celebrations and oh so many delicious meals that the festive season brings, it can be rather easy to keep those wellness goals on hold until the New Year Resolutions begin!

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to stop you entirely from enjoying the festivities and leave you hanging in the corner with the hors d’oeuvres and snacking on celery sticks. Nothing wrong with celery sticks by the way. Living a healthy lifestyle is a lifetime commitment that is all about compromise and eating a healthy balanced diet.

Don’t wait till the New Year sets in and you regret how much you overindulged over the holidays and start numerous diets in order to undo the many, many meals and drinks you know will take more than a quick fix to get rid of.

There is no better time to start than NOW! Start the New Year with a healthy, fit, stronger YOU!

Setting goals are the easy part following through not as much!

Follow the guidelines below and get moving! 


1. Be clear about want to achieve and why YOU want to achieve it

Example: What: I want to lose 20 kgs. Why: I want to be fit, healthy and increase my self-esteem

2. Write down the steps that you will need to take

Example: – Start exercising 3 -4 x week for 30-45 minutes – Start a healthy eating plan – Find the correct supplements to boost your plan ( Find out here or pop me a q on the contact page :))

3. Set a realistic time frame for each goal

It takes at least 12 weeks to see major changes in the body. If you change your habits, follow a healthy eating plan and do some exercise, it is very realistic to lose 2 kg every two weeks. 4. Break your goals down into smaller goals Example: – I want to lose 4 kg in 4 weeks – I want to lose 4 cm from my thighs in 6 weeks 5. Set rewards for goals that you have accomplished

5. Set rewards for goals that you have accomplished

Example: – If I exercise for 30 -45 min 3-4 x week for 1 month, I can purchase a new pair of shoes – If I stick to my healthy eating plan for 6 days during the week, I can reward myself with a cheat meal on the 7th day.



How to start your wellness journey this festive season is a series giving you all the necessary guidelines, tutorials, delicious healthy festive meal and snack ideas. Catch me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram #festivewellness! I will be supporting you all along the way with daily motivation. If you would like to join me with this wellness challenge use the hashtags #festivewellness #womenswellness #carlasmithfitness on your social media platforms and let’s encourage, motivate and support each other!

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