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Lean Thighs Water Bottle Home Workout

Trim and tone those thighs and torso with another installment of  Home Workouts! 

The Lean thighs water bottle workout will work those outer thighs and tighten your tummy! NO WEIGHTS! NOW GYM! NO PROBLEM!

With so many water bottles accumulating in Cape Town during the current water crisis, I’ve found one way of reusing those bottles with weekly water bottle workouts! Firm and tone up that waist and tummy with the Water bottle Ab and Waist Workout here and find out how to get fit and look good with water-saving tips and beauty tricks with these gym bag essentials here!

Lean thighs water bottle workout
Lean thighs water bottle workout

Lean thighs water bottle workout

Step 1: Lie on your back, keeping your hips on the floor and tummy tight. Hold the water bottle against your chest, shoulders relaxed. Slowly bend your legs and lift your knees towards your tummy.

Lean thighs water bottle workout
Lean thighs water bottle workout

Step 2: Slowly lower your legs midway, keeping your legs hip-width apart. With gentle controlled motions pulse your shins outwards for 15-20 counts.

Lean thighs water bottle workout

Lean thighs water bottle workout

Step 3: Now slowly lift your arms out in front of you and lift only your shoulder blades off the floor using your tummy muscles. Keep your tummy tight and slowly pulse your arms out for 5 counts through your legs. Slowly lower back down to starting position.

Repeat exercise 3-4x


For beginners start slowly with 3 sets of 5 leg pulses and close your legs in between, Take rests in between if needed back to the starting position for the arm pulses through your legs.

To increase the intensity of this workout and work on those inner thighs place the water bottle between your knees in step 3 as you go back to the starting position gently squeeze the bottle between your knees. Slowly lift your arms out using your tummy muscles and pulse the bottle between your legs.


Always consult your healthcare practitioner before starting a new exercise or eating program!

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