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Why you should be doing these arm exercises at home!

3 arm exercises to tighten, strengthen, and tone!


Strength, tighten, and tone those arms during lockdown with this quick arm workout! Let’s start this workout with a gentle warm-up!

Try marching, jogging, or skipping on the spot for 1 minute. To burn some extra body fat incorporate cardio into these arm exercises with 1 minute of box jumps/ skipping or stepping in between each set.

Don’t have dumbbells, no sweat! Fill 1.5 – 2-liter water bottles with sand!


Step 1: Sit on the edge of the couch, keeping your back straight, and your navel sucked in towards your spine – great to do while watching a good series!

Step 2: Place your hands shoulder-width apart and hold on to the edge

Step 3: Drop your body forward, in front of the couch, and bend your elbows at 90 degrees as you slowly lower yourself down towards the floor

Step 4: Extend your elbows to push yourself back up on to the edge of the couch

Repeat 3 sets 15


Step 1: Standing up straight, keep your tummy tight and hold one dumbbell/ water bottle filled with sand/water in each hand with your palms facing up, keeping your arms straight and elbows against your sides.

Step 2: Slowly curl the weight up, bringing your forearm up towards your chest

Step 3: Slowly lower your arm back down towards the starting position

To make this exercise more challenging stop halfway on the way down and then slowly lower the weight back to the starting position. Feeling the burn? It’s working!

Repeat 3 sets of 15


Girl performing step 1 of arm exercise

Step 1: Starting position: Lie flat on your back while holding two dumbbells/ water bottles filled with sand/water directly in front of you. Keeping your arms fully extended at a 90-degree angle above your chest. Your palms should be facing inwards and your elbows should be tucked in.Girl performing step 2 of arm exercises

Step 2: Keeping your upper arms stationary with your elbows in, slowly lower the weight until the dumbbells are near your ears

Step 3: Keeping your arms stationary, use your arm muscles to bring the weight back up to the starting position.

Repeat 3 sets of 15

Always start with light weights, you shouldn’t be able to do more or less than 15 repetitions with the weight that you have chosen. It’s important to take a rest period of 1 minute between sets.

If you tried out this workout let us know! 

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*** Disclaimer ***

Always consult a health practitioner before starting any new exercise plan


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