Best exercises to sculpt your waist
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Best exercises to sculpt your waist

With the festive season fast approaching it’s never too late to start working on that waistline with these best exercises to sculpt your waist. If you start now you will be 12 weeks away from a healthy, fitter, stronger YOU! Why not start the NEW YEAR halfway there!

I have enlisted my personal favourite four best exercises to sculpt, tighten, tone and slim down your waistline and build lean muscle. I recommend using lighter weights if you do not wish to have too much definition in your oblique area.

To burn any excess body fat in your midsection I recommend a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories which can be done through following a healthy diet and eliminating 200 calories with healthier choices and burning an extra 300 calories through exercise. Try adding cardio exercise 4-5 x week. Remember to do something that you enjoy you will be more likely to stick to it, losing excess body fat should be a side effect.

Your main goal is to live a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the journey along the way to a fitter, stronger YOU!

Warm up: 3 minutes of jogging/ skipping or boxing on the spot

Side Jackknives: 4 sets of 15-20

Step 1: Lie on your right side, keep your left leg over your right one
Step 2: Place your right hand across your torso and gently clasp your left hand behind your neck. *be careful not to pull on your neck
Step 3: Slowly bring your torso & left leg towards each other as you pull in your waist area.
Step 4: Squeeze for 5seconds and slowly return to starting position

Side Bridge: 4 sets of 15 – 20

Step 1: Start the exercise lying on your side
Step 2: Place your forearm under your shoulder, keeping your legs stacked.
Step 3: Slowly raise your hips off the ground supporting your weight on your forearm, slowly lower yourself back to the starting position
Step 4: Keep your tummy tight throughout the exercise and do not drop your hips

Knee to elbow plank: 4 sets of 15 – 20

Step 1: Start the exercise in a plank position.
Step 2: Make sure your wrists are in line with your shoulders and your body is aligned from head to feet.
Step 3: Bend your left knee up towards your right elbow, alternate sides
Step 4: Don’t drop your hips and keep your tummy tight throughout the exercise
Step 5: Lower yourself back down to the starting position. Now start with your right elbow touching your left knee. Keep alternating.

Weight plate/dumbbell oblique crunches: 4 sets of 10 -15

Step 1: Start the exercise on the floor in a seated position with your feet bent in line with your ankles.
Step 2: Hold a weight plate/dumbbell out inline with your waist area, keeping your arms slightly bent
Step 3: Lean back slightly and lift your legs off the floor
Step 4: Slowly rotate from side to side and touch the plate/dumbbell on the floor on each side
Step 5: Remember to keep your tummy tight throughout the exercise. For beginners perform the exercise with your feet on the floor and knees bent

*** Disclaimer ***

Always consult a health practitioner before starting any new exercise plan

Don’t have dumbbells, no sweat! Fill 1.5 -2-liter water bottles with sand!


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