Arm exercises
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Why you should be doing these arm exercises at home!

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing my top three arm exercises to tighten, strengthen and tone! Start this awesome arm workout with a gentle warm up! Try marching, jogging or skipping on the spot for 1minute. To burn some extra body fat incorporate cardio into these arm exercises with 1minute of box jumps/ skipping or stepping …

Active eating plan
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Active Eating plan – 4 weeks to increase energy and endurance

4-week Active Eating plan to give you the energy and endurance to be your best! A four-week active eating plan for runners, cyclists or swimmers. This eating plan has the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates to assist you with your endurance training! Eating plan for active women Dietary guidelines: A high energy diet that …

anti-ageing mask
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{DIY beauty} Natural Beauty – Anti-ageing Coffee mask

Natural Beauty Anti-ageing Coffee Mask Coffee has some amazing health benefits (read more here) but can also be used in your daily skincare routine too! Who knew that cup of mocha could reduce the premature signs of ageing and get rid of those tired morning eyes. Coffee is packed with antioxidants that fight off premature ageing …

Cellulite treatment
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{Beauty DIY} Cellulite treatment coffee body scrub

I’m so excited to be sharing one of my favourite natural beauty tips with this amazing cellulite treatment that will firm up and tone those thighs! Before we get started let’s find out what cellulite is and how to prevent it from recurring. Cellulite is fatty deposits that form pockets below the skin’s surface. It’s …

B is for...Blueberries`
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{SERIES} B is for Blueberries

Welcome to the third instalment of A-Z of Natural Wellness. Today I’m excited to share the amazing health and beauty benefits of Blueberries! In case you were wondering why there were two A’s…I just couldn’t leave one out so you might be surprised to find more than one post going forward! Blueberries are packed with …

Natural Anti-flush spray
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{water-saving diy} Natural Anti-flush toilet spray

Natural Anti-flush Toilet Spray The current water crisis in Cape Town has left everyone with an anti-flush policy where if necessary greywater should be used. I have decided to share this lovely Natural anti-flush toilet spray, which can be used in situations where it’s  good to let it mellow. In other situations, it’s best to …

natural dry shampoo
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{Beauty DIY} Natural Dry Shampoo

Natural Dry Shampoo  With the current Cape Town water crisis, I’m excited to share DIY beauty and wellness tips in order to save every last drop! Dry shampoo can be costly when you are using it every second day between that once a week hair wash to save water. I’m so excited to share this cost-effective natural …